Training and Development


Edwards Ragan and Associates helps companies create environments where human relationships are strengthened through understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of our uniqueness as human beings.

Your company and team will benefit with improved communication, conflict resolution, increased productivity, employee retention, and stress reduction.

The Journey Inward

  • Self-Discovery
  • DiSC Assessment Survey
  • The Four Personality Types
  • Strengths
  • Self-Management Chart

The Journey Outward
Taking a better look at others to understand them for more productive relationships and communication by flexing to meet their needs. 

  • People Skills
  • Communication
  • Flexing
  • People-Reading

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Dominance Influence Compliance Steadiness

DiSC is commonly used as a tool to get to know yourself and others better, and how this applies to our behavior in interpersonal situations. ER&A offers this tool to help  understand how one person would be likely to react in a specific team, management, or leadership situations, given their DISC style.  

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