Smart Start Program


  • Start Smart is a comprehensive program which incorporates the essential assessments that high school students need to jump start career exploration and college major decisions.

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Backpacks to Briefcases


  • Backpacks to Briefcases is a custom-designed comprehensive program focusing on assisting graduating college students  on how to successfully launch their careers and join the workforce.

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Sexual Harassment

Edwards Ragab Sexual Harassment Recognition

  • Sexual harassment recognition and prevention training for supervisors and non-supervisors is essential for employers to protect themselves and to create a safe work environment. 

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Working Partner Relocation

Edwards Ragan Working Partner Relocation

  • Companies often invite our experienced career consultants to meet with an employee and his or her partner during the decision -making stage. We can provide resources to acquaint the couple to the area and assist them through the relocation process.

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Training & Development

Edwards Ragan Training and Development

  • Edwards Ragan provides customized and comprehensive training programs in a variety of human resource related areas. Our training professionals provide appropriate guidance and education to help your company achieve its objectives and business strategy. 

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Skills for the Workplace

Edwards Ragan Skills for the Workplace

  • Individuals often overlook the fundamental skills for being successful in the workplace including, how to dress for success, resume writing and the importance of networking. Edwards Ragan has a comprehensive program for polishing these skills with the latest industry tools.

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Assessment Tools