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Helping people achieve their full potential is the motivation behind Career Counseling. We work with organizations to help their employees direct their career choices and make well thought out career decisions, especially when an employee is leaving. Through extensive interviews and assessments, including the DISC Personal Profile and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we learn more about the individual. Then, we help guide them to career options that best match their strengths, personal preferences, goals and aspirations.

Edwards Ragan and Associates' principals have offered career development services in custom formats for over 15 years. With today's dynamic human resource marketplace, we have staff to provide these services on a continuous basis, working both with companies and individuals. For example, our professional approach to outplacement service can take what could be a traumatic situation in downsizing and turn it into a beneficial learning and growth experience for the individuals impacted - those leaving and staying. We offer services covering a full range of career enhancement programs. We are able to deal with groups or individuals either by company sponsored contract or through individual requests. After reading about our services, contact us for a more in-depth review of your specific situation.